Rareview Capital

Innovative Goals-Based Investment Management

Rareview Capital is a registered investment adviser and ETF sponsor. We build goals-based investment management strategies.






goal-oriented [ gohl-awr-ee-en-tid ]


¹  (of a person) focused on reaching a specific objective; driven by purpose.

²  (of a plan) designed to achieve desired results; target.





Where Can You Access Rareview Capital Strategies?

Whether you are an institution, financial advisor, family office, or a direct investor, you can access Rareview Capital Strategies many ways.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Rareview Capital is an ETF sponsor. Rareview ETFs trade intraday on an exchange. ETFs are available through broker-dealers, registered investment advisors, and other financial service firms.


TAMP Strategist / Model Portfolios

Rareview Capital is a Third-Party Asset Management Platform (TAMP) Strategist. Please contact us for a list of platforms where our model portfolios are readily available.
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Sub-Advisory / Dual Contract

We offer sub-advisory investment management services through a dual contract to third-party SEC and state-registered investment advisers, financial planning firms, broker-dealers, and other financial institutions.

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Open an Account Directly

We offer investment management services through Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab”), a leading provider of trading, custody, and brokerage services to registered investment advisory firms.
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Are you a product or platform manager looking to add Rareview Capital model portfolio’s to your lineup?

Don’t see your preferred platform or custodian? That’s okay, there is likely still a way for you to access us.

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What Else Do We Do?

As a boutique firm, we can support your business by providing direct access to our investment professionals and library of tools. Our team has decades of institutional industry expertise, including having worked through many market crises. We welcome speaking about current market conditions, what they may mean for your investments or client portfolios, and what we’ve learned recently.


We don’t consume research; we produce it. Our affiliated firm, Rareview Macro, provides global macro investment-related research services to institutional investors and bona fide investment newsletters that are generally available for subscription by the public. As a client of Rareview Capital, we make the content available complimentary.
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We provide institutional investors access to our models and databases and deliver customized analysis and reports primarily on the fixed income market. We specialize in providing risk mitigation strategies for rising interest rates.
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