Our Firm


Rareview Capital is a registered investment adviser and ETF sponsor. We build goals-based investment management strategies.

Our Name

We seek to bring a ‘rare view’ to investment challenges. We place value on being able to see across asset classes, discover new opportunities, and spot impending danger. We call this perspective Sight Beyond Sight®.

Our Philosophy

Above all else, we champion goals-based investment management. We believe aligning investment solutions with investor’s goals is the best approach to reaching one’s aspirations. Investing by style box or exposure to a region or asset class does not deliver the real-world outcomes people seek.

Our Mission

We seek to deliver our goals-based investment strategies to other stewards of capital and high net worth investors to help them achieve their goals and reach their aspirations.

Our Dedication

We have worked alongside some of the best minds in the industry, including pioneers of investment products used every day. We have advised some of the world’s most influential investors. Our experiences represent countless hours and dedication to the partnerships that we value. These partnerships have helped us develop a set of investment skills and working knowledge that we are able to pass on to others.